Just started the year and already feeling demotivated


Every heart is different.

davI love this piece its my absolute favorite and yes it is an original A1 piece done by yours truly. It took 3 weeks with only  fine-liners, markers and black pens as the medium to complete. I worked on it everyday. It is just another example of why I love what I do.

Every stroke was different, every line told a story and that’s what art is to me…telling my story

To me being an artist is more than just picking up a pencil…it is expression, a way to handle frustrations. It is my form of therapy. Its how I communicate my feelings with only pens, pencils and paper. It is who I am.

Why I started blogging…

After going through a difficult childhood and losing my mom at the age of 13 in 2011, where I had not even begun to find myself, I’ve been struggling to heal. Writing a journal somewhat helped me to communicate my feelings that were non- existent because of the trauma the death among other experiences, had brought. Blogging helps me open up which is extremely difficult to do and a lack of opening up is what drove people away.

The reason I find it difficult to open up to people is because I have done it before from a young age when I was naive and had experienced heartbreak plenty of times because of my trusting nature. This is where I found my passion for art and writing. Writing and drawing is a sanctuary where I could start to open up and express myself through my creative gift where words had failed me. It is a platform where I don’t feel judged because the story is heard from and written by the original author who is me.

I am almost 20 now, well next month 3 days before Christmas I will be. And this is my story, another page in the book of my life. This is my journey, to healing.

To be continued…



Im calling this piece unpredictable. When you look at it, it is not what is expected from a normal feather. A multi-dimensional work of art, with a variety of art methods. Each section is different, it is me. Original and unexpected, unique and raw.


Gingerly or Caution- Thursday Thoughts

Being too trusting has caused me to approach people and relationships gingerly or in a cautious manner. Nothing good ever comes from rushing into anything, be it a friendship, opportunity or relationship. Many of us like me learned that the hard way haha. As a child it was in our nature to just trust anybody as we only look for the good in people. but at some or other stage in our lives we have all experienced heartbreak. Unfortunately some of us experienced this quite young and as a result lack the ability to trust. To spare us the heartbreak we should learn to trust our instincts and that ‘gut’ feeling we get by approaching everything gingerly.

Thursday thoughts

Okay so this is a new segment that I thought of… Let me know what you guys think.

Here is Thursday Thoughts…

I woke up this morning thinking how my life would have turned out if I’d done some things differently…like not met the people I did, not befriended the people I did or not had my heart-broken at the young age it did. Would I be the person I am now?

A very difficult aspect I’m trying to come to terms with right now is that in life you are where you’re supposed to be at that time so hopefully good comes out of all the challenges I’ve been facing.

I don’t know what the future holds but in the present I’m choosing to have a cup of positivitea this morning and staying focused on the good things.

How do you guys cope with challenges? What gets you through hard times?